Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthdays, Showers and Weddings, oh my!

Can you believe we are more than halfway through July already? I certainly can't! Summer is flying by! This post has the cakes I have done since the end of May. Lots of birthdays, showers (wedding and baby) and my first wedding cake! Enjoy!

This cake was for a 5th birthday. The birthday girl is a big fan of "Tangled", especially the character Pascal. The birthday girl's mom found a figurine of Rapunzel to put on top of the cake, but she couldn't find a Pascal. I made the Pascal character out of fondant. The second picture is terrible, but you can see Rapunzel holding her hair and then her hair wrapping all around the cake.

This cake was made for a friend's daughter's 11th birthday. The party was a "Dr. Who" theme, so I made a Tardis cake.

This cake was for a birthday party for 3 sisters celebrating their birthdays. They like Toms shoes, so the colors and design reflect the blue and white stripes of the Toms logo.

On to the showers....this cake was for a friend's baby shower. The shower had an owl theme, so the cake was made to match the invitations and other decorations. You can see the invitation in the second picture.

This cake was for a wedding shower. I was also fortunate enough to do the wedding of that are below! The colors of the wedding were black and white with accents of chartruese. The design of this cake was done by the 3 birthday girls who had the Toms-inspired cake above!

This is the wedding cake for the same bride as the shower cake above. It is hard to see the detail, even in the close up, but the black part are fondant that was pressed into a lace mold. The detail was pretty intricate. I then hand-painted black lustre onto the lace molds.

And finally...this "cake" is cupcakes arranged together and then decorated with a jungle theme. This was actually from over a year ago, but I just realized that I never posted the picture!

Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under the Big Top!

This cake was made back in November for a good friend's daughter's 2nd birthday. The birthday girl loves the circus and I had fun making a "big top" themed cake for her. The birthday girl also loved the fondant stars and ate most of them! The bottom 2 tiers are covered in buttercream with fondant decorations, and the big top is covered and decorated with fondant. The clown is made out of gumpaste.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yikes-I knew it had been a while since I updated this blog, but I didn't realize just how long it had been! Cakes below are ones I have done since last fall. In no particular order.....

Graduation cake for a Sam Houston State University graduate:

Rocket ship cake. This one was quite a challenge to transport. I learned a lot from this one!

Cake for a baby shower with a "Once Upon A Time" theme:

First Birthday Cake:

Minnie Mouse Cake:

Cake for a 50th Birthday. The bow and ribbon are gumpaste painted with a shimmery red food coloring. The scrolls were piped with royal icing and then painted with gold luster dust:

Cake for my next door neighbor's 7th Birthday. The party was at a pottery painting place. The palette and brush are made out of gumpaste

Baby Shower Cake:

This Mickey Mouse cake was the last one I did before cake maternity leave:

Birthday cake for a friend's birthday. The stripes around the sides are an edible image sheet:

Hello Kitty cake for a 4th birthday party. This was my first cake back after cake maternity leave!

Cake for a 1st birthday party:

Cake for a 30th birthday. This is my favorite cake to date. I so rarely get to do "grown up" cakes! The cigars are rice krispie treats wrapped in chocolate fondant. The wood grain was painted onto white fondant.

Smash cake for a 1st birthday. It went along with the cupcakes in the next picture.

Cake for a wedding shower:

Brownie pops and rice krispie alligators for a first birthday party:

Cupcakes for a wedding shower.

Zoo/jungle themed cake for a baby shower. This is my favorite zoo/jungle cake so far:

Cake for a 50th birthday:

Thanks for looking!!