Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pinhead cake

I did this cake for a friend's husband birthday. He loves Pinhead from the movie "Hellraiser". This was my first carved cake and first face.

How to make fondant ghosts

I have received a few requests for instructions on how to make the fondant ghosts that are on the Halloween cupcakes. Step-by-step instructions are below. Enjoy!

1. You will need 2 mini peanut butter cups and 1 Whopper candy.

2. Put a small amout of frosting on each peanut butter cup (peanut butter cups should be upside down). If you don't have frosting, you can use very small dots of fondant that have been softened with water. You could even use peanut butter.

3. Stack the peanut butter cups and the Whopper.

4. Roll the fondant into a small ball. I only made 1 ghost, so the ball was pretty small. If you are making multiple ghosts you may want to roll out a larger portion and cut as many ghosts at one time as you can. I used marshmallow fondant.

5. Roll the fondant pretty thin, about 1/8" thickness.

5. Cut a circle that is just over 4" in diameter. A round plastic container was the perfect size.

6. Drape the fondant circle over the stacked candy.

7. I used a #4 frosting tip to cut out the eyes and mouth. You can also use dots of frosting or cut the eyes and mouth out with a toothpick.

8. Place on top of a frosted cupcake or cake!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just for fun...

I made this cake for our Labor Day BBQ. Everything is edible.


Halloween cupcakes. The "dirt" on the tombstone cupcakes is crushed oreos. Everything is edible.

Cake for a Halloween/birthday party. Cakes are covered in fondant (buttercream is underneath). All decorations, including the house, are edible.

Birthday Cakes!

This cake was for a 2nd birthday party. The cakes are iced in buttercream and have fondant decorations. The "2" is fondant as well, with a birthday candle attached to the back.

29th birthday cake. It is iced in buttercream and decorated with fondant zebra stripes.

1st birthday cake that was made to match the invitation. Buttercream icing with fondant decorations.

This was also for a 1st birthday. The plates, napkins, invitations, etc all had a cupcake theme. You can see the napkin next to the cake.

Baby Showers

The 2 pictures below were for a baby shower. The invitation had a wagon with various sports balls in it, so the cake was made to complement the invitation. All of sports balls and the wagon were made from fondant. All are techically edible, although they wouldn't taste very good!

These were mini cakes made for a baby shower. The flowers were cut out and hand-painted. The guest list was small, so the mini cakes worked out well. They were, however, a giant pain to make!

This cake was for a friend's baby shower. It was made to match the bedding that you see below.

This cake was also based off of the shower invitation.

This cake was for a baby shower with a sports theme and included mom and dad's favorite sports team logos.

Other random sweetness....

Cowboy boot cookies made to match the baby shower invitations.

Baseball cookies. They were used to make the baby shower favors below.

Brownie pops for a baby shower favor

Oreo Balls for a baby shower

Oreo balls for a 4th of July BBQ

Key Lime Oreo Balls

Mini and full size Brownie Mint cakes

Isabelle's 7th birthday cake

I made this cake the same month as I was taking my class. The flower pot is the cake and I had some help from the birthday girl cutting out the flowers and butterflies!

Getting Started...

This was the "final" cake from my cake class. We had to do one that was out of a specific book, so we weren't really able to be very creative. This cake isn't really my style, but it still turned out well.