Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's been a little while!

It was only fitting that I made a cake with a fleur de lis theme for a friend's baby shower on the day before the Saints were in the Super Bowl. Both mom and dad have strong ties to New Orleans and were very happy on Sunday! The cake was inspired by the baby's bedding.

The cake below was for a baby shower. The invitations had a pink and brown theme, so that is what I used as inspiration for the cake.

This cake was for a 1st birthday party that was held at the Houston Zoo. This one was a lot of fun to make!

These cupcakes were for yet another baby shower (I actually attend many of the baby showers I make cakes for. They are now just known as "Champagne Saturdays"). The ladybugs and flowers are made out of fondant and the flower pot on the top tier is cake too!


  1. I have you on my google reader but thought I'd pop in to say that I love looking at your cakes!

    The zoo one is my fave of this round -- the penguin with the sugar cubes is just great!

  2. Zoo cake is awesome! What did you use to make the animals? Royal??

  3. Thanks! I used fondant with some tylose mixed in for the animals. I used animal cookie cutters for all except the penguin. I just winged it on the penguin!