Sunday, February 21, 2010

You may have noticed a theme....

...of baby showers and 1st birthdays! I seem to be at that point in life where the majority of my friends are having baby showers or their kids are turning 1 (we have started the 2nd birthdays too)! The cakes below certainly keep with this theme!

1st birthday cake made to match a Fun to be 1 hat:

2nd birthday cake made in the colors of Abby Cadabby:

Strawberry Shortcake theme for a 1st birthday:

Baby shower cake. The onesies, t-shirts and pants are all made out of fondant. I found the mini clothespins at Hobby Lobby.


  1. that strawberry cake is adorable! Saw and ate that onsie cake on Saturday! great job!!

  2. Thanks Shannon the baby shower cake was fabulous!! I'm so excited to see my sister-in-laws cake for this upcoming weekend. I will also be asking you to do an anniversary cake for us in May; details to be sent shortly to get on your calendar :-)

  3. I loved the one bite I allowed myself of the Abby Cadabby cake. So delicious!

  4. that baby shower one with the onsies are my ABSOLUTE fav! you are so talented shannon!